The Democratic Superfail

Funny, yes, but only because it’s sickening.

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Democratic Super Majority
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Despite having a “supermajority”, the Democrats inability to fight the Republicans on, well, anything in Congress will be the biggest factor in bringing Republicans back to power after the 2010 elections. Only thing the Democrats can do to save face and get something — anything! — done is demote Majority “Leader” Reid and Speaker Pelosi, replacing both with Rambo and a bear with chainsaws for claws. Maybe we could get half a public option at that point!

One Response to “The Democratic Superfail”

  1. Majority Party does not mean a majority vote on every issue. Thankfully, a few other Blue Dog Democrats are keeping an eye out for the majority opinion in America. Other Democrats are holding up your prescious Socialist Health Care, not Republicans. There are plenty of Democrats who won seats recently running on Conservative Principles. I thought Progressives valued Indipendent thinking?? Well that’s what we have here … the looney Left is running the Party (Pelosi, Reid and Co) but their extremism is not representative of the Congress as a whole, and certainly not the American Public.

    What gives you Progressives the right to turn America upside down based on 1 winning election cycle? What Hubris by the Democrat Leadership … they want to take over 1/6th the US Economy and write the bill in secret!! All this re-labeling (“Public Option”, “Co-op’s”, etc) doesn’t change what’s in the Bill. Hopefully this disaster will correct itself in 2010 …

    Stewart is funny, but super juvenile … kinda sounds like he’s on the sideline at a High School Football game ..

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