“We Are All Batshit Insane”

I know that batshit insane has become the default setting in certain quarters of the right, but the response at RedState to Rush Limbaugh’s failed attempt to buy the St. Louis Rams is so far gonethat I seriously considered the possibility it was meant as satire. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is:

Earlier this evening, as most of you now know, one of our own, Rush Hudson Limbaugh, while taking withering fire, crashed and burned.

Tonight, Rush is no longer ‘just’ a radio personality.

Tonight, Rush is no longer ‘just’ a NFL owner denied

Tonight, Rush is us. And we are him.

Tonight Rush became the metaphor for all of us… every man woman and child in this great nation of ours.

The enemy of this great nation, the enemy of you and me, Rush’s enemy… those on the left, inside and outside of this nation abhor success… and when faced with it will destroy it… by any and all means possible.

We all have our dreams in life… such as they might be. Rush dreamed of being an owner in the NFL.

Tonight the left proved that they will stop at nothing to end our dreams. Our dreams of success and happiness devastate their need to dominate and control you and me… and well everything and everyone.

Chrysler bondholders

GM dealers

Bankers and stockbrokers

Small business owners

Medical Doctors

Oppressed people wanting freedom around the world

The left can not and will not allow anyone to realize their dreams

Tonight a light went out… a dream died… it died from political correctness

Tonight we are under withering fire, we on the right those in the middle,

Tonight our values are under withering fire, those thoughts ideas and dreams that made this great nation are under withering fire

Will your light of your dreams be next?

Will my dreams be next?

Then he quotes Martin Niemöller — “because,” writes Charles Johnson, “as we all know, dropping a super-rich race-baiting far right radio host from a team of investors is exactly like the Holocaust.”

The craziness continues at National Review Online — which Adam Serwer calls “the center of grief and mourning” for Limbaugh:

Andy McCarthy, in a dispatch from what I have to assume is another planet, said that Limbaugh treats people “in the Martin Luther King aspiration that the content of one’s character is what matters, not the color of one’s skin.” Kathryn Jean Lopez saidLimbaugh being rejected was “an outrage,” adding that Limbaugh was taken off the deal “because of his politics.”

Andy McCarthy regularly vies with John Hinderaker for the most likely to report space aliens in the front yard — this time, I think Hinderaker is about a pace behind, but he’s closing in (emphasis is mine):

It’s official: Rush Limbaugh has withdrawn as a minority participant in a group that is trying to buy the St. Louis Rams. This follows opposition to Rush’s participation from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and, shamefully, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Such opposition, in turn, was fueled by false claims that Limbaugh has made various racist statements in the past.

The most ridiculous of the statements falsely attributed to Rush was this one:

Slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.

Anyone who has ever listened to Limbaugh would immediately recognize this as a hoax; in fact, it was made up out of whole cloth by a little-known left-wing blogger. [Cites, John? You’re a lawyer, right? Do you know what cites are? Supporting an argument?] But it was reported as fact by news outlets that didn’t bother to verify their facts. …

The irony runs deep: Keith Olbermann, who unlike Limbaugh is actually a hatemonger, is employed as an NFL commentator.

There are many more conservatives than liberals in the United States, but liberals nevertheless continue to make progress in their effort to delegitimize conservatism. [Get this man a copy of Tom Franks’ The Wrecking CrewNot that it would help a man who thinks Limbaugh never made racist remarks, and Keith Olbermann is a hatemonger.] The successful slander and demonization of Rush Limbaugh is a misfortune; not primarily for him, but for all of us.
It’s no coincidence that Democratic Party outlets like CNN had to dredge up fake quotes to make their case. Nothing Rush actually said would do the trick, even though he’s been on the radio three hours a day, five days a week, for more than twenty years.

It would be nice if Hinderaker had the intellectual rigor to cite sources. It would also be nice if he had sufficient intellectual honesty to point out that if one quote is fabricated, that doesn’t mean they all are. Rush Limbaugh never made the statement about slavery that has been attributed to him. The quote comes originally from a book published in 2006 titled 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America. The book’s author attributes the quote to Rush Limbaugh, but he provides no cite or source for it (much like Hinderaker himself). Limbaugh has denied making the statement, so until and unless a source can be found, it has to be assumed he didn’t say it.

Here’s the thing, though: The same Internet site that debunks the provenance of the slavery quote (Snopes.com, which is widely considered a reliable urban legend-buster) also lists several other racist remarks Limbaugh has made, and links to documentation that proves he did say those things. Hinderaker does not link to or mention this (although of course he doesn’t even link to or mention Snopes.com as a source backing up his own true assertion about the slavery quote). Nevertheless, he does not hesitate to claim, as though it were a fact, that Limbaugh has never made any racially offensive statements in the 20 years he has been broadcasting — a claim that is patently false.

Obviously, Hinderaker is far from being the only conservative to deny any racist ideation on Limbaugh’s part — any quotes that cannot be proved fraudulent can simply be (and are) declared not racist at all.

It’s a shame that Hinderaker, like so many conservatives, has so little stomach for those values of personal responsibility and the sanctity of corporate profit that he and his compadres never tire of preaching to us poor benighted liberals.

As others have pointed out, this is not about politics or marginalizing conservatives. It’s about that racism that Hinderaker, McCarthy, and their fellow dingbats insist that Limbaugh doesn’t display all the time on his radio show:

It’s worth emphasizing that Limbaugh drew fire, not because he’s a Republican — there are plenty of GOP owners in professional football — but because of his history of ugly and blatant racism. Adam Serwer noted Limbaugh’s “record of racist commentary, which includes not only a habit of comparing black athletes to gang members but a general hostility toward black people. Limbaugh only recentlysuggested that having a black president encouraged black children to beat up white children — he’s also compared President Obama’s agenda to ‘slavery reparations,’ used epithets to reference his biracial background, and compared Democratsresponding to the concerns of black voters to rape.”

It’s also about the free market — remember, that thing the right supposedly worships?:

On the business side I would make two quick points.  First, the NFL is extremely image conscious and Rush makes a living going out of his way to say things that make somewhere between 30%-60% of the population mad on a daily basis (depending on what he is talking about).  As such, it is hardly a shock that some NFL owners are a bit skittish about welcoming him into their ranks.

The second business point I would make is that this is a case of pure capitalism at work:  private owners making decisions concerning with whom they are willing to do business.  Conservatives really have no ideological grounds to object if the NFL owners have found Limbaugh too controversial for their business tastes.   Heck, if Major League Baseball thinks Mark Cuban is too controversial, it is hardly a shock that there was pushback on Limbaugh from the NFL.
By the way, my guess is that the majority (maybe even a super-majority) of NFL owners probably find Limbaugh’s basic political views thoroughly acceptable (or, certainly, tolerable). However, they were always going to make a business decision on this topic. As such, forget the media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or even Roger Goodell, this was pretty much DOA from the word go. Limbaugh is controversial and businesses tend to not like controversy (especially when they can get what they want without it).

Oh, and also: It’s about individual responsibility. Also known as personal responsibility. You know, accepting the consequences that logically flow from your freely chosen actions? Say! Isn’t that a conservative mantra, too?

Conservatives are all about taking responsibility for one’s personal actions, or at least they used to be. Rush Limbaugh is facing the consequences of the buffoonish, offensive cartoon persona that’s made him a gazillionaire: The controversy-averse brotherhood of NFL owners harrumphed disapproval of Limbaugh’s role in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams, and within a few days the group Limbaugh was part of dropped the radio bully from its bid.
But the funniest aspect of the collapse of Limbaugh’s bid is the reaction on the right. At “Big Hollywood,” John Ziegler was inconsolable. “Even in these times when the once unthinkable is becoming increasingly unremarkable, the current controversy over whether Rush Limbaugh is potentially worthy to be an NFL owner crosses over from the simply outrageous to the utterly infuriating. I strongly believe that it also represents a seminal moment in our cultural history as well as the sad state of free speech in this country.” Whoa! Like a lot of challenged thinkers, Ziegler seems to think Rush’s right to free speech also guarantees he’ll face no consequences for that speech. “I’m getting a lot of ‘boycott the NFL’ emails,” huffed the National Review’s Kathryn Lopez on Twitter this a.m. I’m sure the NFL is atwitter about that right now.

8 Responses to ““We Are All Batshit Insane””

  1. radical_moderate says:

    You know I used to think that the radical right was shooting for a Theocracy, but now I think that what they really want is an Idiocracy. Rational is a word that has no place in their conserva-dictionary, that they have gone apeshit over the denial of Rush in this matter is no surprize; their defense of this racist blowhard is straight-up delusional.

  2. My opinion says:

    I have listened to the debate over the comments attributed to Rush for the last several days. I keep waiting to hear him saying those comments. That would put the debate to rest. Every minute of his show, every day of the week, every week of the year is monitored by the left and recoreded. You would think by now they would have produced the sound bites and buried him in them. I don’t understand why, when they have all the proof they would need, his own recoreded words, they don’t use it. You don’t suppose there was a vast right wing conspiricy that destroyed them, do you?

  3. Green Eagle says:

    “It would be nice if Hinderaker had the intellectual rigor…”

    Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. tas says:

    My opinion: The wait is over, because here you go.

    Finding those links — wherein racist Limbaugh quotes are sourced and not fake — took all of 3 seconds with Google. I don’t mean to be insulting, but before you come on here claiming that the left has attributed false racist comments to Rush Limbaugh, could you at least do some cursory research first? An educated comment (or, as often should be the case, no comment at all) is better than a stupid one.

  5. As far as Limbaugh is Right … tas/Kathy/CFLF are to the radical left. You all have something in common … you are extreme radicals !!

    What I find ridiculous here are how such immensly flawed and racist characters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can even criticize Limbaugh … how have these 2 racists become the arbiters of race ?? How can they go on TV with a straight face and claim any moral ground? The saddest part is how any of us could be subjected to the Sharpton/Jackson blackmail/extortion machine.

    Limbaugh is claiming the “james earl ray” comment amongst others were never spoken. Why must the left lie like this?? All these liars in the mainstream media never bothered to check with Limbaugh nor verified these statements independently. Instead they put the true race-baiters Sharpton/Jackson front and center on TV to make their false claim. Produce the tapes of Limbaugh using these words or face the Legal System I say… supposedly Limbaugh is taking legal action here … I hope he does. Nobody deserves to be held liable for lies, don’t you agree tas? Produce the tape !!

    Heck, by their own standard … Sharpton/Jackson could not own an NFL team themselves!! … the saddest part here is that Limbaugh was forced out because of politics, because he is Conservative … so now ALL Conservatives need to beware … it’s McCarthyism by the Left !!

  6. … meanwhile vile people like Ann Dunn inhabit the White House and speak glowingly to school children (see a theme here?) about Chairman Mao:


    CFLF and other news outlets should be more concerned about Ann Dunn, who admires a man who killed Millions … and be less concerned about NFL Football … why does the left admire killers and tyrants like Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Hussein, Pol Pot, etc … can anyone explain this?

  7. tas says:

    For those who are confused, I’ll say it again: Here’s a link to a bunch of racist comments made by Limbaugh. All of them are linked to either an audio file of Limbaugh making the statements, or the column in which Limbaugh wrote the statements. Nothing is made up. If you continue to say that Limbaugh’s statements are made up, please refer to the link I just gave you and educate yourself.

    After reading Limbaugh’s very own words, maybe you can understand why black NFL players wouldn’t like Limbaugh as a boss.

  8. opit says:

    Best rant on this I’ve seen so far
    As to Kathy being Left Wing. Hahahaha LOLOLOLOL
    Here’s an Anarchist, you pussies!
    And if you want to talk about ‘Informed Dialogue’ – that is somewhat lacking in Media Controlled America, home of RoboCop-style CorporateSpeak from International Megalopolies too. You really need to get out more.

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