When Will Republicans Learn They Are NOT Hip?

If there is anything funnier than Michael Steele’s trying to convince everyone that he’s down with the hip-hop nation, it’s airhead Dan Riehl completely missing the boat — actually, not just missing the boat, but falling into the water thinking the boat is still there:

The Left, along with some over-sensitive members of the Right have taken offense at Michael Steele’s blog, named “What’s Up?” at launch. I didn’t think a thing of it when I saw it. It’s a common expression used by many people, black and white, all the time.

Yes, Dan, “What’s up” is indeed “a common expression used by many people, black and white, all the time.” But that was not the name of Steele’s blog before it was edited to read “Change the Game.” Brad at Sadly, No! got a screenshot of the name before it was taken down:

But, now, there’s an extra layer of explanation needed here, because we can’t take it for granted that Dan knows that “What” in “What up?” is not a typo. It’s not a typo, Dan. It’s an urban slang expression, and the first word is spelled correctly.

And actually we’re not offended by it, Dan. We think it’s hilarious. Because it is hilarious that Michael Steele thinks he can both assume a hip black urban persona for his readersĀ and tell them in the first line of his first blog post that “the Internet has been around for a while now.”

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