Who Is Leading The Charge Against Health Care Reform

According to this AP piece there is at least one shadowy group that wishes to remain unknown.

One clue to the mystery group may lie in its goals: to oppose any government-run insurance option, the approach favored by President Barack Obama and most Democrats, and to support requiring all Americans to buy insurance.

Those aims match two of the health insurance industry’s top priorities. Several industry officials disavowed any knowledge of the group and said they’re not behind it, including the trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of North Carolina, and other large national and North Carolina insurers.

‘They want to stay in the background’
Presented evidence that the activities in Maine, Nevada and Louisiana involved employees of Moore & Van Allen, one of North Carolina’s larger law firms, the firm’s spokesman Matthew French acknowledged the connection and said the firm runs the health care group for clients. He declined to name them, but he referred to “member companies of AQAH,” the group’s acronym.

“They want to stay in the background and off the front page,” said French. “They want the message to be the important thing.”

Moore & Van Allen has more than 300 attorneys and numbers financial, manufacturing, technology and health companies among its clients, although it won’t name them. It says they include “some of America’s foremost hospitals, multi-institutional health care systems, physician groups, specialty providers, lenders and insurers.”

French would not discuss the health group’s financing or provide much detail about its activities, saying it gives materials to like-minded organizations to distribute to their members.

The three states where the group’s activities have been noticed are focal points of the health care fight. Nevada is home to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat who is putting together the Senate’s health overhaul bill. Louisiana and Maine are represented by two senators viewed as swing votes: Mary Landrieu, D-La., and Olympia Snowe, R-Maine.

French acknowledged the group is hoping its activities will build pressure on lawmakers.

“Obviously we want to educate to an end purpose. Otherwise we’re just kind of preaching to trees,” he said.

So the question remains, should a group with this much money and influence remain anonymous? I am not suggesting this is the case here, but if any group is allowed to hide their principles and their funding from public view what is to prevent nefarious foreign interests from participating in the U.S. political process?

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  1. opit says:

    Big Coal spent $80 million lobbying for the April planning an energy policy gig.
    But questioning if nefarious foreign interests participate in the U.S. political process calls for a proper ‘Hoo-Haw!’ of derision : or is AIPAC so sanitized the connection to Israel in the U.S. is totally without merit?
    Sibel Edmonds’ story at BradBlog about Turkish intelligence having free rein with American secrets didn’t seem to catch much notice either.
    It’s not like I’m asking you to read ‘Hong Pong’ : catch up with the British scandals over Mossad mucking with campaign financing. That’s what a Search Engine is for.

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