HCR: Count Me Out!

I have spent the last few days reading numerous blog posts on whether progressives should continue to support the Senate Bill on healthcare reform.  These would include posts by Ezra Klein, Nate Silver and Kevin Drum on the pro-side and posts on Daily Kos and FireDogLake on the Con side.

I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer support the “reform” bill in the Senate as it is a gross give away to the insurance industry and does not come close to accomplishing all that we could and should accomplish at this critical point in time with large public support for real reform.  I also think that the passage of this bill will be a political disaster for the Democrats.

I would add that having Gibbs & Axelrod call us “irrational” and “insane,” respectively, is not a way to win the support of those of us who have come to a reasoned conclusion that this bill is bad.  In fact, it only works to diminish my respect for them and President Obama.

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  1. opit says:

    It’s exactly the way conservatives are portrayed by many. We are treated to disinformation teams painting both progressives and liberals as insane on the same issues. One of the most irritating is any antiZionist being portrayed as antiSemitic. If I called Palestinians Samaritans I wonder if the b.s. would be clearer ?
    Israelis scream over the direction their government is taking. Funny they seem to have more freedom to do that !
    I noted a conservative blog claiming the bill unConstitutional as it usurped states’ rights. Good luck making that fly.

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