US Health Care Reform: Made in…Afghanistan?

Stephen M. Walt, commenting on Obama’s recent AfPak escalation and the incongruity of domestic spending initatives vs expensive foreign military endeavours on the part of the US:

As I’ve said before, Americans have come to believe that spending government revenues on U.S. citizens here at home is usually a bad thing and should be viewed with suspicion, but spending billions on vast social engineering projects overseas is the hallmark of patriotism and should never be questioned. This position makes no sense, but it is hard to think of a prominent U.S. leader who is making an explicit case for doing somewhat less abroad so that we can afford to build a better future here at home. Debates about foreign policy, grand strategy, and military engagement — including the current debate over Obama’s decision to add another30,000-plus troops in Afghanistan — tend to occur in isolation from a discussion of other priorities, as if there were no tradeoffs between what we do for others and what we are able to do for Americans here at home.

Thankfully, E-Mart has proposed a modest solution to one particularly contentious domestic issue currently mired in the US Senate:

Maybe we can set up an efficient health insurance delivery system in Iraq or Afghanistan and then import it to the States. Call it a part of our COIN strategy, get Petraeus to endorse it and then ship it home under cover of night.

Wow. That’s so crazy, it just might work.

Le sigh.

3 Responses to “US Health Care Reform: Made in…Afghanistan?”

  1. opita says:

    The dysfunction of our times. Had it totally escaped notice that what was being set up in AfPak/Iraq was a health denial system ?

  2. Jimmy1920 says:

    “Health denial system” I like it. May use it.

  3. A friend of mine who is a Doctor sent out an email recently concerning this recent Health Care debate. While treating an uninsured patient he happened to look up at the TV to find Bernie Sanders of Vermont talking about how the uninsured don’t get treated and are dying … how ironic .. and what a lie. Doctors HAVE to treat people who show up in the ER per Federal Law … that makes regressives like Sanders liars and fear mongers. Just like the folks at CFLF.

    I can’t wait to read about Michael or tas booking a trip to Cuba for their great health care ..


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