Is Missing Ammonium Nitrate a Threat to the 2010 Olympics?

I would not be surprised if you were unaware of this story. There has been next to no press about it since the 2 tons of ammonium nitrate, twice that used in the Oklahoma City bombing, showed up missing from a shipment bound for North Vancouver.

With less than a month until the world’s eyes are B.C., Mounties are still trying to account for missing ammonium nitrate.

Two tonnes of the chemical compound, which has been used in several terrorist bombings, was originally reported missing to the RCMP on Jan. 6.

Kinder Morgan, a pipeline and energy-storing company, had been transporting 6,000 bags of material from Alberta to North Vancouver when two bags could not be accounted for days before Christmas.

The discrepancy was discovered when the shipment was moved by a third-party trucking company to a facility.

Initially the missing material was chalked up to a clerical error but last night the RCMP released an odd video statement claiming that they could not verify this conclusion. [UPDATE: It is worth noting that the video statement below was delivered to a camera only but in a setting that makes it appear it was in front of a press conference. There were no reporters present to ask questions.]


I have two questions at this point.

1) Could this be a threat to the safety of the 2010 Olympics which are only a couple weeks away?

2) Why the hell is this story not all over the news?

I know the tragedy in Haiti is justifiably consuming every moment of air time but this should not preclude the media from keeping people safe. I live here in Vancouver with my family and we plan on attending several Olympic events but if the RCMP and others can’t give me a sense that they have things under control I am not sure whether I will be simply staying home.

At minimum I would expect some commentary from the blogosphere on memorandum.

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3 Responses to “Is Missing Ammonium Nitrate a Threat to the 2010 Olympics?”

  1. Bill says:

    That’s actually less than the Oklahoma city bomb which was 5,000lb of Amnite, 1,200lb of nitromethane and 160 pounds of booster. 2 Tons is nothing to joke about, though.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Bill.

  3. Kevin B says:

    One tonne of fertilizer was used in the IRA bombing of Bishopsgate, London in 1993, partially destroying several buildings and 500 tonnes of glass. I’d hate to see what damage 2 tonnes would do.

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