To Smear ACORN, Cap’n Ed Turns Allegations Into Fact

There’s an ongoing debate between Patterico and the BradBlog regarding the right’s broad and generalized attack on ACORN and the role of the O’Keefe/Giles surveilance tapes.  Patterico is going to extreme lengths in an attempt to call liberal bloggers on the ACORN dispute liars, but then has the temerity to allow one of his cobloggers to link approvingly  to a post by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air that transforms an unsubstantiated allegation made by a criminal defendant, who Morrissey accepts is a fraud, against two ACORN employees, into fact.

While it is commendable that Morrissey (not the cool singing one) corrected two blatant errors the BradBlog earlier busted him on, he made a third error which persists.

As you can see, Morrissey accepts as fact that the criminal defendant – Maria Miles – committed fraud. Given the ease of proving the allegations against Miles, it would indeed be bizarre if her being a fraud isn’t borne out.

Yet, in the same post, he takes quotes from the fraudulent Miles, not verified by anyone else, and accepts them as fact. Morrissey block qoutes a passage in which Agent Thelen (the law enforcement officer who swears out the criminal complaint) recounts statements from Miles alleging a sexual relationship between two ACORN employees (Williams & Robinson) and days in which Robinson then simply hung out but got paid on Williams’ okay.

Morrissey transforms Miles’ claim from allegation to fact when he says: “Charming. What a splendid work environment! No wonder James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles found ACORN staffers to be so helpful at promoting prostitution rings.”

This would be like writing a piece stating as fact that Ben Rothlisberger committed sexual assault solely on the complainants say so. In fact, what Morrissey does is worse because he admits the person who’s allegations he uses to smear ACORN is a fraud whereas we still don’t know anything about Big Ben’s accuser.

The bigger question that someone as astute as Morrissey should be asking is why Agent Thelen included these wholly gratuitous allegations in the first place. They are not material to the criminal complaint against either Miles or Clancy. The only reason I can think of is that the allegations were included to create a salaciousness to his report so as to secure the kind of coverage Morrissey then supplies. It betrays a bias by Agent Thelen against ACORN that is unbefitting of a supposedly objective law enforcement officer.

The other question is how much money was spent on this “task force” that then only came up with these five minimal violations which are really gimmees?

I’ve posted this here because Hot Air is a closed commenting community (no surprise) that prevents me from directing these comments to Morrissey directly.  As for Patterico, the question is how he – as a lawyer and the self-proclaimed defender of absolute truth – can allow his site to approvingly link to a post that so disingenuously treats mere allegation as fact.

3 Responses to “To Smear ACORN, Cap’n Ed Turns Allegations Into Fact”

  1. Good questions Mac, I wonder if Morrissey will respond?

    By the way, you should feel free to use this forum as frequently as you like… hint… hint…

  2. Macswain says:

    Thanks Mike. I doubt that either Morrissey or Patterico will respond. What can they say? Accepting an allegation from an incredible source as fact is Tawana Brawley/Al Sharpton territory.

  3. booogiemann says:

    How does it feel to be censored Mike?? Tough shit, you and your ilk from this site deserve it as far as I’m concerned, after all CFLF has done the same thing.

    ACORN deserves no Federal Funds. Can anyone believe a Court deemed ACORN should get funding back?? Federal Funding is a gift which can be taken away at any time, not a right, not something corrupt agencies like ACORN should get indefinitely.

    I have to say your site sucks, but it sucks less with pictures rather than Politics. Adios.

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