Alvin Greene: He’s a Real Nowhere Man

Adding to David’s (welcome, btw) tireless efforts as he dives deeper and deeper into the murky depths of Alvin Greene’s unlikely and entirely unexpected SC Democratic Senate primary victory, Cord Jefferson of The Root gives us an exclusive interview with Greene, who Jefferson dubs “The Real Joe the Plumber”. The following illustrates why:

TR: You have nobody on a payroll?

AG: I have nothing. I can’t afford all that.

TR: Including the $10,400 filing fee to become a candidate, would you say you spent less than $12,000 on your campaign?

AG: A whole lot less.

TR: How, then, did you beat someone who had more than 10 times the money you had?

AG: What was that amount again that he spent? A hundred bucks?

TR: No. He raised $186,000.

AG: A hundred eighty-six thousand? That’s kind of amazing. That’s a lot.

Ok, I’m not exactly a fan of the overwhelming, obscene infusion of cold, hard cash in modern US electoral politics. Still, one would hope that the sacrificial lamb Democratic candidate inexplicably nominated to take on Sen Jim “Waterloo” DeMint would have, y’know, more than ten dollars in his campaign war chest. 

But my absolute favouritist exchange occurs at the conclusion of Cord’s painfully awkward discussion with Greene:

TR: Do you plan on getting a Web site now that you’re through the primaries?

AG: Well, I need campaign contributions to really get my Web site up. I’m working on that now, but that comes from campaign contributions.

TR: Do you have any?

AG: No, but I’m working on some things.

Yep — DeMint definitely better be ready to rumble in November. Gloves. Off.


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  1. Karen says:

    He appears to not understand what is going on. I think he is slow and people are going to look tacky going over the top on someone who is disabled.

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