Bigotry Abroad

I saw this video on a friend’s facebook page, and was horrified.  It is an exert from a documentary on the movement to make homosexuality a capital offense in Uganda.  The stupidity of this bigotry could almost be funny, if the outcome of this campaign did not threaten the lives of so many.


Due to international pressure, the law has not passed yet.  But while Uganda has not yet passed this law, many other countries have a death sentence for for homosexuality.  Here is a list of the countries (according to Wikipedia) that have the death sentence for simply being gay

  • Mauritania (Death)
  • Iran (Death)
  • Saudi Arabia  (fines, whipping, prison, or death)
  • United Arab Emirates (deportation, fines, prison time, or death)
  • Yemen (flogging or death)
  • Sudan (prison or death)

In the middle east, almost every country has some level of criminalization of homosexuality.  The four exceptions to this are Israel (which has an almost perfect set of GLBTQ rights), the West Bank (Gaza under Hamas rule has an up to 10 year prison sentence for being gay [no law against lesbians], there are no other rights or protections for the GLBTQ community in the west bank), Iraq, (no other rights or protections) and Jordan (no other rights or protections).  Also, Syria deserves an honorable mention having effectively decriminalized homosexuality.  Africa is not that much better, with the majority of countries having some level of homosexual criminalization.

I encourage you all to go look at different countries legal statutes on homosexuality on Wikipedia.  It is horrifying.  The denial of basic human rights to people in so many countries that are either dependent on western aid or considered ‘strategic partners’ *cough* oil *cough*  is both astounding and disgusting.

Here is the full documentary, it focuses on the backers of the draconian anti homosexual laws that Uganda is attempting to pass, it’s ties to the American Evangelical movement, and the people who will suffer if it passes.


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