Bobby Bork’s Borking of an inborkable Kagan

I love Robert Bork, not because I agree with any of his positions or respect him as a jurist, but because of him, I get to say Bork, and if I am feeling particularly whimsical, I get to say Bobby Bork.  Thanks to his lack of understanding or respect for a woman’s right to choose, we have been given the gift, like mana from the heavens, of having Borked added to our political lexicon.

Now, just when I thought Bork could give no more, he is back.  The AP is reporting that Bork believes that Kagan should be, well, Borked.  He has not actually said why he thinks that, and will be waiting to announce his reasons at a press conference on Wednesday, but I guarantee you I will be covering that story, simply because no matter what happens, I will get to say the words Bork, Borked, and Borking.

So just to get our Bork ready, I have some questions for you, the loyal reader.  First, is the verb Bork capitalized? I am not sure what to do when verbing a proper name.  Second, I think that the name/verb/story of Bork is fitting of a limerick, so if anyone posts a good Bork limerick, I will dedicate a post to it (if there are multiple, I will make sure they all get their due.  So I will put my next Borktacular post up on Wednesday, and btw…


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