Boehner says lift the cap, hell freezes over

TPM is citing the week saying minority leader Boehner may endorse the democrats legislation to change the oil spill liability cap

House Minority Leader John Boehner on This Week today said he’s now in favor of lifting the cap on BP’s liability in the Gulf oil spill. Though currently law makes BP responsible for cleaning up the actual oil, it limits its liability to $75 million. Senate Democrats have pushed to raise the cap to $10 billion or get rid of the cap entirely. Boehner now seems to be suggesting he’s on board with the latter option but only in the case of BP and this spill, not in general going forward.

This comes out the same day as the interview where Obama told Politico that the national reaction to this may be similar to the change of partisan politics after September 11.  Could it be possible that the right will actually go along with legislation to rein in the oil industry?  I have a feeling that the G.O.P. can smell the winds starting to blow against the oil industry, and know that unlike other policy decisions they have decided to battle tooth and nail to stop, if they are seen standing up for big oil right now, they will get blown away.

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