BP acts with minimum decency => Obama = Nazi

This title was the argument made by Thomas Sowell over at investors.com.  Aside from insulting everyone that voted for the Obama in 2008 by suggesting that we are unthinking sheep, and linking the election of President Obama to the rise of Hitler and Lenin he argued that we as a society of laws are going down the dangerous road to totalitarianism by forcing BP to put aside 20 billion dollars for the clean up without a court ruling.

I am going to say I would agree with him if that is at all what actually happened (the totalitarianism bit, not the idiots elected Obama or we are becoming Nazi’s).  Let me be clear, I do not believe that the administration can just pass out blanket fines with out a court ruling or legislation (which actually does exist for this, but it would need to go through court if BP challenged it) to back it up, however that did not happen.  In this situation, BP said from the beginning they would pay for all legitimate (???) claims, so the White House went to them and basically challenged them to put their money where their mouth was, and as a sign of “good” will, they agreed to the 20 billion dollar escrow fund

Notice that at no part of this did the President force anyone to do anything.  BP could just as easily have said no, and had to deal with the resulting bad PR and possible loss of future business on US soil.  They were not told that they would be nationalized if they did not comply, their was no threat of asset seizure, they were asked to do it as a sign of good faith and they agreed.

If by any chance Thomas Sowell reads this, you need to not throw out the Nazi card so quickly.  It is not a simple rhetorical device to be used to make a point, it is a call to rebellion.  If I were to actually believe that the US government was going down the road towards a state driven by the same evil combination of racism, totalitarianism, and expansionism that fueled Nazi Germany, I would be the first one to get my rebellion card punched.  But that is not happening, so learn to respect the victims of Europe’s darkest hour.  Go visit the Holocaust memorial in DC, or Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.  Go to Germany and Poland and see the sites where those horrors were committed under 70 years ago.  And if you still feel like invoking the Third Reich at the drop of a hat, then maybe you aren’t ignorant, but instead just plain dumb

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