Bury the lead

Almost 2 weeks ago I conducted an interview with Libby Davies at an anti Israel rally in vancouver. She said some things that there pretty stupid, and were picked up by the media as denying israel’s right to exist.  Well, the mass media has done, missing the true story in the Libby Davies interview conducted by Comments from Left Field.

To me, the real story is the fact that a member of parliament who has been a prominent critic of the state of Israel for 15 years could not answer a basic Israel/Palistine history question. When I first watched the video, my first instinct was thinking that she believed that Israel acquired Gaza and the West Bank in the war for independence. However, I am starting to suspect that she did not actually know that there were wars in Israel in 1948 or 1967 period. Why no major media outlets have picked this up is beyond me. This is almost as bad as asking why the US entered world war two, and having someone respond ‘because of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand of course”

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