Exciting Things Brewing for CFLF

It has been nearly two years since Comment from Left Field contained reliable daily content of a political nature. The reason for this is not that I no longer care about politics or that politics is no longer important. On the contrary, in that two years the nature of our geopolitical situation has continued to unfold at the same frenetic pace it had been going on for the past decade. The only difference is that the writers here at CFLF – namely Kathy, Kyle, TAS, Matttbastard, Dustin, Macswain and myself – have all turned new pages in our lives.

Political blogging is a thankless business that takes serious commitment in order to produce anything worth reading and none of the old crew were able to keep up with that committment. That said, I knew a day would come when the stars once again aligned for Comments from Left Field and it appears that time is nearing.

I can not say much more as the details are not yet finalized but suffice to say, I am very excited about what is likely to unfold under this banner in the very near future. Keep your eyes on our RSS feed and I promise I will update you as soon as I can.

2 Responses to “Exciting Things Brewing for CFLF”

  1. matttbastard says:

    I hope this isn’t an unceremonious bum-rush — believe me, the rumours of my demise (or departure, at least) have been greatly exaggerated.

  2. sekanblogger says:

    Speaking of thankless political blogging….
    I ran onto this site ran by a republican, and his sole mission in life seems to be to expose Glenn Beck as the lying wingnut he is.
    How refreshing!
    No, I’m not affiliated with him. I just thought it was great that he is spending so much time and energy trying to show Beckerheads the truth.
    Check it out here

    I’m not sure how long he can keep up this good work before he gets burnt out on it.

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