German Investigative Report on the Gaza Flotilla

An interesting investigative report from a German TV station on the IHH, one of the groups involved in the Gaza Flotilla.  There has been a lot of shouting back and forth on this, and this seems like an actual unbiased piece of investigative journalism.   I don’t speak German, so have to trust the dubbing, and I cant tell if the ‘leftist’ is used in a derogatory way or not (I think its just an artifact from the translation)


2 Responses to “German Investigative Report on the Gaza Flotilla”

  1. Proesterchen says:

    The “leftist” is indeed a translation artifact caused by the name of the German Party, “Die Linke”= “The Left”, which the members of parliament referred to as “leftist” are part of.

    As such, “leftist” and its German equivalent “linke” is used only to denote that relationship, rather than rendering any sort of judgement on the person’s political position.

  2. David Katz says:

    you rock my world

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