Kentucky Round Up #1

This is going to be the first of what will hopefully be a weekly update and review of the 2010 Kentucky senate seat campaign. Being that I just recently started following the campaigns, I will be quite quick.

  • Rand Paul launched a 24 hourish (the drive seemed to go closer to 30 hours) fundraiser drive called Moneyblast to coincide with the end of the political fiscal quarter.  His campaign claims that they broke over 138 000.
  • Jack Conway has been quiet on twitter over the past week, while Rand Paul has cranked up the volume, tweeting more than 10 times about his Moneyblast
  • Rand Paul sent out a rather cryptic tweet this morning, asking “where is Jack [Conway we assume]?? Stay Tuned…” it could be something interesting to watch
  • Last week the Louisville-Courier Journal reported that Rand Paul basically made up is own ophthalmology organization.  While he claims to be a board certified ophthalmologist, apparently, what he didn’t say was that in fact he was the board.  A great story that made the Colbert Report

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