Libby Davies Story Blows Up

It is not often that one of the first story a blogger does becomes a national issue.  However, that interview I did with Libby Davies certainly has become one.  The papers that have picked up the story so far include The Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun, and more.  It has gone so far as Prime Minister Harper and Representative Bob Rae have called for her resignation.

I will be writing more on this later

7 Responses to “Libby Davies Story Blows Up”

  1. Judith Weiss says:

    Your ambush of Libby Davies was one step above a mugging. Perhaps you wanted to do your little bit for zionism by emulating the rabbi’s son who shipwrecked Helen Thomas?
    Catching people on the street and throwing questions at them on very thorny issues when their mind is elsewhere is a form of mugging. Sorry.
    Glad you kept the full interview, though.

  2. David Katz says:

    Hold on, I did not stop her randomly and ask her questions. I identified who I was, asked her if I could have some time from an interview and she said yes. If that is a mugging, than please tell me how I should have gone about it? Its not like a small time blogger can schedule formal interviews with a public officials communications department

  3. hysperia says:

    Too bad you provided absolutely NO context for the interview silly man. You have done untold harm and you are why nobody should talk to bloggers. Libby Davies has done more for the disenfranchised women and men of her riding and this country than any single MP now sitting. Granted that isn’t saying a lot but she hasn’t had time. My respect for you = zero.

  4. Cyberfarer says:

    The blogger is not to blame. He did nothing wrong. Libby Davies said nothing wrong. What we are witnessing is the political theatre of the absurd where spineless Canadian politicians trip over each other to apologize to a state accused by the ICRC of crimes against humanity, that holds 1.5 million humans hostage in an open air concentration camp, and that has just murdered, on the high seas, nine people attempting to bring aid to the inmates.

    Libby Davies is a courageous woman who has always stood for the weak and spoken up for the voiceless. I commend her. It is terribly unfortunate her male colleagues lack her courage and moral fortitude.

  5. jim black says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Cyberfarer, but have to point out that Libby is probably the most accessible MP in Canada – one of the reasons she is so popular in her riding. She holds regular drop in hours at her office, where anyone can stop by without an appointment, and she shows up at pretty much every community event. So yes, even a small time blogger can schedule an interview with her.

  6. C. L. Cook says:

    You claim Bob Rae has called for Libby Davies’ resignation, yet the link you highlighted the sentence below with makes no such claim. That is false reporting. What’s worse, by linking to the Globe and Mail article you impugn that paper with your false claim, attempting to fool readers who do not follow your links with the assiduousness I’m quickly learning to into believing your statement is backed by a credible source. It is not in this case, and I suspect further examination of your links made to highlight other claims are likewise false.

    “It has gone so far as Prime Minister Harper and Representative Bob Rae have called for her resignation.”

    Your claim, highlighted with this link to The Globe & Mail:

  7. Alison says:

    C. L. Cook : It wasn’t in the G&M but it was in the Toronto Star and CBC

    Toronto Star : Libby Davies in hot water for anti-Israel comments
    “She should resign as the deputy leader and she should resign as the house leader. She should not be an officer of a political party,” Rae told reporters.–libby-davies-in-hot-water-for-anti-israel-comments

    CBC : Calls for NDP MP to resign after Israel comments
    “In a media scrum later, Rae argued that Davies’ comments were not simply a slip of the tongue and called for her to step down as deputy leader.”

    Appalling behavior fron Mulcair and Rae in my opinion.

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