Libby Vs. World

I want to clarify a few things first.  A lot of people think because I believe Libby Davies must step down because I am a Conservative.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  I have respected a lot of the work that Ms. Davies has done, however, on the issue of Israel, I believe she crossed the Rubicon this time.  I do not believe she should step down from Parliament, she has served her constituency well, but I believe that she must step down for the good of the NDP, if they ever want to be seen as a serious party.

So I have been doing a lot of thinking about what the hell happened.  My video itself was not that controversial compared to other things that  Libby Davies has done in the past (including reading a petition in Parliament to have the Canadian government investigate 9/11 under because the “US investigation was fraudulent”.  She has definitely said statements about Israel that the lobby could easily use to try and make a scandal, but I think something very different happened here, and I actually do not believe it was because of the Israel lobby, but instead represented a pressure that was building up in Canadian politics that I just happened to let go pow.

Over the past few months, there has been much talk about the Liberals and NDP either merging parties or forming a coalition.  This would be a huge coup for the NDP who have never had a real crack in power.  This coalition would guarantee them a few key ministries to try and accomplish a goal that Jack Layton has been attempting for years; to re-legitimize the NDP within mainstream Canadian  politics, and maybe even usurp the Liberals as the dominant left wing party in Canada.

For obvious reasons, the conservatives fear a Liberal NDP coalition/merger because they would get trounced in an election.  So their motive for going after Ms. Davies has been clear from the beginning, they aim to drive a wedge between the grits and the NDP.  The Liberals on the other hand, would prefer to have a coalition free of the ‘loony’ left, that is have the more eccentric foreign policy positions that have cropped up over the years in the NDP (such as leaving NATO) cleansed from it.  Having people with such views within the caucus could present a political liability for the entire party during a general election.  The LPC has worked very hard to appear as mainstream as a political party can be, and they would not want to have what they consider their sterling reputation dragged into the mud.  So by using an event like this, they hoped to use Layton’s desire for a partnership with the grits to force him to clean house.

Now things are complicated within the NDP.  Now I do not know the internal workings of the NDP that well.  What I do understand is that on foreign policy or more specifically, Israel, you have two groups within the NDP.  The first group had Libby Davies as their most powerful member of the party.  They see Israel as the aggressor in almost every way shape and form.  They have broken what is an extremely complex conflict in to victim and oppressor, with no shades of gray. On the other side you have Thomas Mulcair, who represents a more moderate set of views.  Now Mulcair has all the reason in the world to want Libby Davies gone.  If she goes he moves up, and his chief ideological rival within the party is gone.

Now Jack Layton is in the toughest position of all, on the one hand, it would be extremely convenient for Libby Davies to be gone from the leadership.  It would make the party more politically viable, and would ease a transition with the LPC.  However, Libby Davies has the support of the very powerful NDP activist base, a group that punches well above their weight within the party.  If he tried to force her out, it would stir up a civil war that he might not be able to maintain.

Now I am unsure of how this will play out over the next few days, and it may just disappear.  However I want to say this;

Since this has started, things have been crazy for me.  My conservative friends who I disagree with on everything but some issues involving Israel have been thinking I am one of them now, while my progressive friends who I agree with on the majority of issues, have been thinking I am a conservative operative.  That is all untrue.  My beliefs have remained unchanged  through this whole ordeal.  I have once again found that trying to think independently is a hard place to be in.  People like to hear a party line, and if you deviate from it, you are a pariah.  I do not believe I wrote anything that controversial (except for the white power statement, but I still stand by it), however for going against the progressive mainstream on an issue, I have seen my RSS feed drop by 50%.  So to those of you who have stuck with my, thank you, I appreciate you willing to read ideas that you may not disagree with.  That is a quality that we value at Comments from Left Field, as I hope in the coming days to see a lot of posts from people who actively disagree with each other on a wide variety of issues.  Open debate and discourse of ideas is the cornerstone of democracy, it is how we come up with new policies and resolve old problems.  It is essential to our continued prosperity and freedom in the 21st century and beyond.   About those who stopped reading here because of this (they are not reading so I cannot really address this to them), I remember at a certain point during the Bush presidency when it came out that President Bush did not read any news that had opposing views.  I remember how I like much of the liberal base was appalled by this small mindedness.  Its funny how I can actually remember things.

DK out

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