More lies from BP + a bad joke

I saw this video over at Think Progress, and for a second thought they had opened a portal to some bazaaro world where the US had turned into a corporate fascist state.  However it was only footage from the gulf.


What I cant believe is that a private security guard employed by a private company is able to tell people, the press no less, that they are not allowed to talk to people on public property.   The fact that BP sent out a letter 2 days earlier denying any such policy is just more example of their double talk.  Since the disaster started, the only issue that I have heard BP be even remotely honest on was when Tony Hayward said he couldnt wait to get his life back.  It is important to remember how they have lied to us.  Part of  me feels that BP will just make stuff up, knowing that we will forget their old lies and deceptions when we find out new ones.  Here are some of the ones that I remember off the top of my head

  • Not releasing the leak footage right away
  • When they finally released the footage, not releasing even the existence of the high definition footage they had
  • 5000 barrels a day
  • 10 000 barrels a day
  • 20 000 barrels a day
  • there are no underwater plumes
  • well, it depends on what you define plume
  • a spill wouldn’t effect the local marine life (see Regulating the Regulators)

Anyway this video inspired a Yakov Smirnoff joke,

In America reporters interview security

In Soviet Russia, security interviews reporters

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