More videos from the Libby Davies Speech

So initially I had planned on not releasing these, as they really did not seem newsworthy, particularly for a story that no one actually cared about.  However, now that this has become a story, people should see the context of my interview.  The following three videos appear in chronological order, all taking place before my interview with Libby Davies.

The first video is nothing spectacular, but it does show some of the signs there, including one that says 62 years of occupation aka 1948


The next video is the moments leading up to Libby Davies’ speech, and the chant before.  This was one was quite desturbing, as prior to her speech, the crows was cheering long live the Intifada, which typically refers to the violent uprising against Israel, mainly targeting the civilian population.  Just over a minute later, Libby Davies was saying “I could hear you guys from blocks away… …and it sounded pretty good”, now to be fair, they only did the intifada chant once for about 30 seconds.  But for a chant like that is only once and only for a little while OK? Imagine if they were chanting white power for only 30 seconds, would that be acceptable?


The final scene I found more confusing than anything else.  One of the organizers announced that he had unconfirmed rumors that the Turkish prime minister would be on the next gaza flotilla accompanied by the Turkish navy. Now aside from the fact that how the hell would he even get close to information like that, i.e. he made it up, why was everyone cheering for a potential military conflict between Israel and Turkey, aren’t they supposed to be peace activists?


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  1. Simon says:

    I’ve read these rumours about PM Erdogan visiting Gaza with a naval escort in Haaretz. I think it is unlikely to ever happen for a number of reasons. In any case, it certainly wasn’t “made up” by someone at that rally.

    Furthermore, they may have been referring to the [First] Intifada, which generally was non-violent, at least in terms of terrorism and violence against Israeli civilians. It did include mass demonstrations and general strikes which would turn into riots, and IDF soldiers bore the brunt of any ensuing violence. However, this period was not in any way analogous to the later violence that began in 2000.

    It may be worth mentioning as well that Abu Mazen/Mahmoud Abbas referred to the Second/al-Aqsa Intifada as a terrible blunder, and as I understand it, that sentiment is echoed on the Palestinian street.

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