First Impressions

I recently stumbled, which seems to be the most civil and intellectually insightful debate on the Israel-Syria peace process.  The site describes itself as is an online discussion arena intended for raising and debating ideas central to the Arab-Israeli peace process.

The project, which represents the first joint Syrian-Israeli online discussion of its kind, was formed through the efforts of private individuals — bloggers, academics, political analysts, journalists, and professionals — who embarked on producing an extensive list of objections to peace commonly encountered in both Syrian and Israeli societies.

Typically, most dialogue sites seem to focus on self critisism, as both sides try to move themselves towards peace.  However, as there has been so little contact between Israel and Syria other than armed conflict so there is very little trust or mainstream peace movement on either side, so such an approach would only represent the wings of both societies political movements.  Instead  this site takes the approach of having each side say why the other stands in the way of peace, and then let said other refute the argument.  The landing page is the top 20 reasons why the other side stands in the way of peace.

I am still just seen the surface of this site, but from what I have seen so far, it is extremely impressive, and I would encourage everyone to go take a gander

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