The Greene Mystery

So I have spent some time looking at the South Carolina senate primary date.  I was hoping to find that Greene picked up most of his votes in heavily republican counties, meaning that a lot of people voted cross party to get him in, suggesting he was a plant. This did not happen, with a few exceptions, the percentage of south carolina that voted democrat over republican dropped in almost every single county.

What I found was somewhat more shocking.

According to the results posted at the South Carolina election commission Greene won almost everywhere, losing only Charleston by 8 points, Jasper by 6 points, Lancaster by 4 points, and Lexington by 4.5 points.  Everywhere else he won big, really big.  He won 2/3 of the counties by over 20%, and 1/3 by over 30%.  He did equally well in rural as he did in urban, counties that went for McCain and went for Obama, counties that had more registered republicans and counties with more registered democrats.  He thumped Vic Rawl, a well qualified candidate decisively across the board.

So let us assume Greene is legitimate for a minute.  For a candidate like Greene to win, and by that I mean someone that no one knows, has no money and no campaign infrastructure, and without the blessing of the state committee, he would have two options.  First, he could ignore the country side, go for the urban vote, and try to rack up a large lead there.  Developing a rural campaign apparatus is expensive and time consuming.  When you have no name recognition, and no money, you cant afford to spend that much time on such a spread out voter base that wont actually no who you are. However, he obviously did not take this approach because he won in the more urban areas as well

The other option would be to find new voters, to basically convince a large amount of idle voters to get out and vote for you.  These could be either new voters or republicans.  However, this would mean the percent of democrats voting in the primaries versus republicans would go up, not down.

So how does someone with no campaign infrastructure, no money, no clout, no discernible positions, no scandal wounding his opponent, no name recognition, no job, no experience, and a charged with felony obscenity manage to wage such a successful state wide campaign against an experienced, well financed candidate who was backed by the DNCC? When no one in has ever heard of him no less? I hate to say this, but something here looks below board

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  1. Ken says:

    The mystery isn’t whether are not whether Democratic primary voters in South Carolina are largely fools, its what kind of fools they are. They are either fools with a pronounced racial bias or a pronounced alphabetical bias, or some combination of the two. Keep this in mind when evaluating their wisdom in selecting any and all other candidates for public office.

    Either that, or you’ll have to go ahead and believe that Karl Rove snuck in and tampered with every voting machine in the state.


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