Admission of guilt

Yesterday I wrote a piece giving the NAACP a fair share of blame for the Sherrod debacle.  The NAACP screwed up.   I believe that Sherrod would not have been forced out if it had not been for the fact that the NAACP condemned her as well.  I stand by that statement, I dismissed the right wing spin machine’s involvement as just part of it’s nature.  For that, I apologize.  The right wing media should not be given a free pass because it is what is expected of them.  This is the same as not blaming health insurers for being heartless and greedy because we have come to expect it from them.    In both cases there is a choice that can be made for them to be better, and there is a willful choice not to be.

Since the Sherrod circus started, the NAACP and USDA have worked to correct their initial mistakes.  In the modern American political sphere, it is a sad fact that admitting when your wrong is as commendable as it is, but it is and they have done that.

However the right wing hasn’t done that.  Instead they have pivoted the story attacking the NAACP and Obama administration for believing their story and moving against Sherrod so quickly.  Breitbart is trying to dig himself out by throwing out any argument that can stick, from claiming that the story was about the NAACP from the beginning, to claiming to be as much of a victim as Sherrod, to going after the farmer that exonerated her as a fruad.  There has been no self examination, no apology, completely ignoring the facts of the situation.  The right wing media needs to be held accountable.  Unfortunately they are not willing to do it themselves, and anyone left of far right (such as David Frum) is branded as a left wing ideologue and ignored.

Sadly I don’t see thing getting better.

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