Kentucky Senate Update #2

Every week, the race in Kentucky seems more and more like the race in Nevada.  By that I mean that it seems like a race that was the republicans to lose, and the candidate is working hard to do so.  It seems that there is very little that Jack Conway can actually do to effect the outcome of the race other than not sticking his neck out, building a good voter turnout apparatus for election day, and most importantly letting Rand Paul self destruct.

The first time I actually heard Rand Paul was when he debated Rachel Maddow over the civil rights act.  I actually got quite excited about him because for the first time ever I thought ‘here is a republican that actually says what I am pretty sure many of them think and can open up a respectful debate on issues that many conservatives still having lingering feelings about despite having been long resolved legally and embraced by the national main stream’.  I had hoped that his candidacy would help air the issues and begin healing a nation divided, I had hoped that he was a man who cared more about policy than politics.  I was wrong.

Since the last campaign update, Dr. Paul has gone off on some very bizarre tangents.  He said that the poor in America had a high standard of living compared to the poor in other parts of the world, citing a decades old soviet propaganda film.  Yes, for the most part those below the poverty line in the US are better off than the poor in most of Africa and even Russia, however that is an extremely low bar to set.  I am sure he could ask any of the 17.4% of his state that lives below the poverty line.

In a different speech, he compared the United States to the end of the Roman Empire, citing the government’s use of feeding the masses and distracting them with the ‘circus’.  Now, I don’t want to go off on a rant here, so I will keep this short, the causes of the fall of the Roman empire were due to internal forces causing a schism (*cough* republicans), population decentralization due to farmers moving to the fringes of the empire for more fertile land due to centuries of poor land management (the modern analogy of this would be the combination of an environmental disaster, and economic collapse, and a massive outsourcing of labor which is cough cough cough republican republican republican), lead based pipes (lack of EPA regulation perhaps… cough republican), and most importantly, incompetent insane leaders (cough GOP).  So come to think of it, there are many common links between the US and the latter days of the Roman Empire, but I think the good doctor got the reasons wrong.

One glimmer of the Rand Paul that I actually like came through when he talked about cutting back the farm subsidies.  The idea of this is political suicide in western Kentucky, where agriculture rules, but it is consistent with the libertarian ideology.

Last update i mentioned the ominous tweet Where is Jack? more coming.  Well, we now know that the where is jack is a twitter attack slogan out of the Paul campaign.   They outline a position or action of Obama’s that may not be popular in Kentucky, or is distorted to look bad, then ask where is Jack [Conway] on the issue.  The tweets so far are

Obama is Not Serious on Illegal immigration — Where is Jack?

Obama Sneaks in Appointment of Extremist to Vital Health Care Post — Where is Jack?

See you next week

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