Keystone Kaos: Introduction

Quick disclaimer: I’ m not American.

Techically I’m North American, born and currently residing in the sector commonly referred to as Soviet Canuckistan. But, thanks to the tubular miracle that is the Information Superhighway (huzzah!), it is now possible for a lowly Canadian boy, stuck in the wilds of the Great White North, to intimately follow the ins and outs of a US Senate race —  specifically, the fierce battle in Pennsylvania currently raging between Democratic candidate Joe Sestak and Republican Pat Toomey.

That’s right, true believers: expect gaffes galore, gloves randomly coming off and on and off again, a series of whiplash-inducing game changers — to the victor goes the morning!

Um, yeah.

Fuck that noise.

Like Kathleen Hanna said, “turn the song down, turn the static up.”

Within the static is an all-too faint signal, fighting to be received amid the superficial interference of shallow horserace sportscasting masquerading as campaign journalism [sic]. Working people, talking issues that don’t necessarily send a thrill up Tweety’s leg but are of vital importance to the residents of the Keystone State (and, thus, ideally, to the respective Senatorial candidates). Perhaps with the help of a little Wild Turkey, coupled with the magic of The Googles, we can boost the output a little and drown out some of the corporate media drone.

Or, at the very least, lob a series of cheap-yet-(self)satisfying potshots at those blowing the Beltway vuvuzelas.


Nothing pops a redmeat-starved progressive poli-nerd audience like flaying the rice paper-thin flesh of mainstream US punditry.

Next week: Surveying the political and economic landscape in Pennsylvania. Also, Wild Turkey.

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