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Following up on Amy’s post last week re: flip-floppin’ Tea Party blunderkind Sharron Angle, Jill Lawrence of Politics Daily provides seven examples of brazen GOP backpeddling.

Lawrence asks:

What accounts for the shifts? Evolving principles? Pressure from the right? Political Strategy 101, block Democrats and President Obama so they’ll fail and look bad? Maybe a slightly more subtle approach — find fatal flaws in a compromise that under other circumstances (say if a Republican president wanted it passed) you would support, on the theory that the perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of the halfway decent or the baby step forward? All of the above?

Beltway orthodoxy demands that Lawrence leave wide open the painfully obvious answer to her many guileless questions (ie, obstruction uber alles), and that she kick off her piece with a superflu0us swing at a well-battered Democratic pineata to ‘balance’ her critique.

Still, she’s compiled a handy list that makes crystal clear how Angle’s carefully cultivated outsider persona shouldn’t impede her penetration of the Republican mainstream (to say nothing of her fetus-fetishizing batshittery).

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