Nothing Changes an Election Like a Stabbing

Louisiana politics are dirty, maybe not Illinois or South Carolina dirty, but non the less unbelievable political events seem to come out of the bayou.  Take the victory of the most sane republican in the house of representatives, Rep Joseph Cao.  This first term congressman won because his opponent was involved in a bribery scandal involving an actual Nigerian businessman.  Now I am sure there are plenty of actual both corrupt and uncorrupt businessmen from Nigeria, however, if you are going to be embroiled in a bribery scandal, try to make John Stewart and Stephen Colbert work for their punchlines.  I am sure even Blitzer was able to come up with some one liners with that.

The one of the current sitting senators of Louisiana is Senator David Vitter.  He is most known for being named in the DC madam case.  Specifically, he had sex with prostitutes and was forced to admit it to the national media (with his wife standing next to him of course).  Even with that weight on his shoulders, he looked like he had a pretty comfortable lead over everyone else in both the primaries and general election.  However this week all of that changed.  Earlier this week it came to light that in 2008, one of his aides was charged and convicted with charges related to a domestic disturbance where said aide stabbed his girlfriend in her hand, and held a sharp object to her throat.  This would probably not have been much of a story if he had fired him then.  However, what Vitter did instead was make him in charge of policy on women’s issues.  This came to light on the eve of the filing deadline and since then, the field of candidates has exploded to 16.  This is going to be a crazy GOP primary in Louisiana… I take that back, it already is.

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