Sharron Angle’s Flip Flops

Flip flops are all the rage in summertime and I realize that it’s July and the height of flip flop season but the flip flopping being committed by Tea Party candidate for Senate Sharron Angle is outrageous. Yesterday during a stint on KXNT, a predominantly conservative talk radio station in Las Vegas, a caller asked “what she thought of the $20 Billion ‘Slush Fund’ and whether or not government should be able to do that to a private company.”

Angle’s response: “Well the short answer is no, government shouldn’t be doing that to a private company. And I think you named it. Clearly, it’s a slush fund.” She goes on to accuse the EPA of being a “taxing, fining agency” instead of a regulatory agency. Mind you, this is coming from a woman who posted on her primary campaign website that she wants to get rid of government regulatory agencies including the EPA. Unfortunately, the Angle campaign took down her most controversial/ hilarious views and is now threatening the Reid campaign with legal action if they bring up the content that was pulled from the site.

So which is it, Sharron? Are we regulating or deregulating? You can’t have it both ways. You yourself said that a gap in regulation led to BP committing criminal and unlawful acts, however if you get rid of the EPA and discourage regulation how can we prevent history from repeating itself?

Later, Angle retracted her characterization of the relief funds from BP as a “slush fund” on her website,

There’s been some confusion this morning regarding my position on BP and the oil spill.

Having had some time to think about it, the caller and I shouldn’t have used the term “slush fund”; that was incorrect.

My position is that the creation of this fund to compensate victims was an important first step– BP caused this disaster and they should pay for it. But there are multiple parties at fault here and there should be a thorough investigation. We need to look into the actions, (or inactions) of the Administration and why the regulatory agency in charge of oversight was asleep at the wheel while BP was cutting corners. Every party involved should be held fully accountable.

Sharron Angle’s flip flopping knows no bounds. In front of the loyal right-wing, Tea Party friendly media she feels as though she can take her radical views as far as she wants, but when faced with the gravity of her words in mixed company she backs away from them faster than LeBron James backed away from Cleveland (Run, LeBron! They’re pissed!). It’s evident from her online backtracking and retractions that Sharron Angle cannot stand by her words. Is this the kind of leadership that we want for Nevada?

The only flip flops I’m into this summer are the ones on my feet.

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