Sharron’s Angle on Jobs

Jobs. In 2010 you either have a few or none at all. We live in the recession era, people’s career fast tracks of 5 years ago are now dusty and abandoned dirt roads. The issue of employment is a sensitive one for the state of Nevada which according to the Wall Street Journal, surpassed Michigan to claim the number one spot in unemployment rate earlier last week with a whopping 14%. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas a year and some change ago and after a month of coming up empty on the job front I moved back home to the east coast. I was lucky, most Nevadans don’t have the luxury of leaving town to find employment and as long as the tourist industry is struggling under the weight of a fallen economy employment rates will not rebound for quite some time.

According to Sharron Angle our unemployment rate has nothing to do with industry slow down from the recession, but rather it’s because of unemployment benefits offered by the government, benefits that Senator Reid supported (dun dun DUN!). In a video posted by the Reid Campaign, Angle tells a reporter that the unemployment system has “spoiled” our citizens, that American’s don’t do jobs like cleaning toilets and washing dishes. I don’t know anyone who is unemployed and feeling “spoiled” at the moment. Unemployment benefits exist so that if an employee is terminated by no fault of their own they can receive enough assistance to survive until they are gainfully employed once more. If no benefits were in place, workers who were laid off would end up losing everything in a matter of weeks.

On another occasion, Angle expressly said that as Senator it would not be her job to create jobs in Nevada, that it was the duty of the Lieutenant Governor and other state officials to create a hospitable environment for businesses. So her idea is to get rid of unemployment benefits as well as commit to doing nothing to spur job growth within her own state… wait, what?

Let me get this straight: she blames Senator Reid for the high unemployment rate and the high foreclosure rate but yet says once she’s in office those things will be none of her concern. I’m not sure if that is a good course of action to take if you want to get elected to the US Senate. People want to hear that the person that they want to vote for is going to go to bat for them and protect them both from private industry AND the possibility of an overbearing government. People want ideas and solutions to their problems, not “Tough luck. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

When she was interviewed earlier this week on Jon Ralston’s Face to Face, Angle said “It is the job of the US Senator to create a climate that will be conducive for creating jobs which means lowering taxes and deregulation.” I think this perfectly encapsulates the one-track-mindedness of the tea party candidates in this election. The job of a US Senator is to represent their constituents in the halls of Congress. Their constituents have multifaceted concern, only a small percentage of those has to do with government regulation of private industry. Regulation isn’t the problem, it’s the solution. Private industry simply cannot be expected to act out of anything but concern for their own bottom line. If a company can save $1 per product they make by dumping a ton of toxic chemicals into the environment, they would do so in a heartbeat, without regard for the common good. Tea partiers have one and only concern and that is taxation/ government control. They don’t have ideas for issues like education or healthcare, they don’t even have a consistent ideology. The one thing that remains consistent is their opposition to all things progressive.

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