Short memories, big lies

Steve Benen over at the Washington Monthly has written an interesting piece about some results of a Pew research report.  The report writes:

Only about a third of Americans (34%) know that the government’s bailout of banks and financial institutions was enacted under the Bush administration. Nearly half (47%) incorrectly say that the Troubled Asset Relief Program — widely known as TARP — was signed into law by President Obama.

His conclusion is that the complete misunderstanding of recent history has led to the GOP have manipulated these misunderstandings

Is it any wonder Republican attack ads routinely try to exploit public confusion? The GOP assumes voters have short memories, and under the circumstances, that’s not a bad assumption.

However, I really think there is a causal relationship that is being ignored.  For the most part, Americans are not dumb, so the question to ask is why do people not know such important recent history?  For my money, it is that the republican propaganda effort has been to tie the Obama administration to the TARP bailout.  The fact is, the GOP spin machine is as far ahead of the democrat’s as the democrat’s policy generators are ahead of the republican’s.

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