Testicular free strategy pays off

Do you want to know what would suck?

Questioning the manhood of a leader that you support on national radio for not being more aggressive against his opponent the day before polls come out showing across the board campaign successes.  Well that is exactly what happened to Ed Shultz today.  Yesterday, Schultz called Harry Reid ball-less for primarily using surrogates to attack Angle, while attempting to remain above the fray himself.  I though Schultz’s initial attack somewhat misplaced, as the election is still over a hundred days away, and there would be a very good chance that a nonstop attack campaign starting now from Reid himself could have negative repercussions by election day.  Better to save your hardcore negative ads for the last 6 weeks of the campaign, while using surrogates to soften her up before that.  I figured I would wait a day or two to collect my thoughts on the issue and then write about why I support the current Reid strategy and completely disagree with Schultz on this one.  Strangely enough, new Nevada numbers came out today showing Angle taking large hits across every demographic group.

With all respect to Ed Schultz, he is a great guy, but he is not a campaign strategist.  A non stop attack campaign from the Reid campaign against Angle would be both easy and spiritually fulfilling (and oh so easy) but not necessarily the most effective.  A non stop attack strategy could result in a micro example of the Sarah Palin syndrome; people and the media could eventually stop paying attention her wing-nut views simply because they are not much of a story.  Covering water in the desert is a story, covering water in the ocean is not.  So let’s give Reid a chance here, after all the guy is pretty a savvy politician.  Let’s not forget that he managed to win to the first election in the 2010 cycle by running attack ads against Sue “chicken lady” Lowden to help ensure Sharon “she believes what?” Angle’s victory.

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