USDA “Racism” Episode Shows Left/Right are Idiots

The moment I saw the Shirley Sherrod video, something seemed off to me.  She seemed to be saying that she learned through the episode that the rich/poor divide was more of an issue than the rich/poor divide.  However the right wing big and small media machine did not seem to care to think about this but went on a full offensive calling for her resignation, a call that was echoed by the NAACP of all places.  The USDA called for her resignation, and the story ends.

But it doesn’t.  CNN did something rare, particularly for CNN.  The actually looked at the story and did actual journalism by tracking down those involved.  It turns out that Ms. Sherrod actually helped the family that she was referring to, saving their farm and becoming friends with them.  It as if someone ended a racial reconciliation movie just after the racial tensions were revealed, ignoring the entire point of the movie.

This episode seems to illustrate one of the massive failings that occur time after time in our society.  I don’t think that it is a matter of people being intellectually lazy.  This reactionary media and political storm mentality is caused by the fact that if people spend a day to try and due their due diligence on the story, there is a very good chance that the story will pass them by in the first place.  That and it is assumed that with the easy access to basically any information, someone must have already done it, right?

I can understand the right wing media having done this, because lets face it, politically spun media is far more willing to run with a neat.  However shame on the NAACP.  If they had actually tried talking to her about what had happened, they would probably have ended up defending her.  Instead feeling pressure from the recent “tea party has some racists in it”, they wanted to show that they were neutral players and jumped at the chance.  They have since walked back from what happened and accused Fox News of hoodwinking them.  So the good folks at the NAACP are now believing what Fox News is saying without actually doing their own research?  Turns out there is one thing that both sides of the partisan divide can do together, and that is be reactionary and dumb.

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