Hey, Over on the Left — A REAL Racist!!11

Ok, so, you’re an angry Islamaphobe in petulant denial over the angry Islamophobia fuelling the “debate” [sic] over the ZOMG Ground Zero Mosque!!1one What do you do when a video clearly showing the ugly, latent racism behind organized anti-Cordoba opposition goes viral?

Weak-ass wingnut tu quoque courtesy the weak-ass wingnuts at the Weekly Standard to the rescue!

At Sunday’s Ground Zero mosque protest, I spoke to one man who had been with the counter-protesters, Joey “Boots” Bassolino, immediately after the police pulled him out from the crowd. What happened, I asked? “There was a guy standing up, a Pakistani guy, who had identified himself as a Pakistani, and he said: ‘We’re not going to sit there and back these Zionist Jews,’” Bassolino recounted, still clearly a little shaken up.

“And I’m like, whoa, wait a minute. What’s up with the racism? And they’re like, ‘what’s racist about that?’” The guy behind Bassolino yelled “f*** you,” reached forward, grabbing his camera and hitting it. “So I kicked him in the shin,” Bassolino said. Bassolino, a disabled U.S. army veteran, claims that he’s an “objective” observer and was in the group of counter-protesters to “document what was going on.”

“These are people that are supposedly protesting racism, yet you get people standing up there on a soap box yelling about ‘Zionist Jews.’ What the hell is that? That’s racism to me, man,” Bassolino explained to me.

See, “Boots” (whose purported objectivity strikes me as wholly Breitbartian in its stench of disingenuity) knows what teh REAL racists look like, ie, swarthy Pakis(tanis) daring to drop the “Z” bomb (and touch the sweet camera equipment mommy bought you for Christmas). Mmmm, I love the smell of manufactured outrage coated in fragrantly clueless bullshit in the morning (also, sweet shin music = teh lolz). Anyway, “Boots”, since you’re a connoisseur, you wanna see some undeniable anti-Jewish racism in action?

Check the the bigots who claim real estate on your side of the debate, cuddles:

Mark Williams, former Tea Party Express spokesman and current leader of the tea party support group Citizens for Constitutional Liberty is back with another blog post that’s sure to cause at least some eyebrows to raise. Williams, you’ll recall, has a habit of using his blog to get himself into trouble over posts widely seen as bigoted and/or blatantly inciting the worst in the conservative movement. Today he’s up with a new post calling [Jewish] New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and [Jewish] Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer “Judenrats” for publicly supporting the proposed Cordoba House project in Lower Manhattan.

“Politically correct Judenrats like New York Mayor Michael Boomberg and Scott Stringer (Manhattan Borough President) and domestic enemies who are supporting the mosque – with open ties to Islamic Terrorist organizations and supporting states are doing nothing more than erecting a giant middle finger to be trust at the victims of 911… which includes all of civilized Mankind,” Williams writes.

It’s unclear exactly what Williams means by the term “Judenrats,” but as you can see from the context, it’s highly unlikely he’s using the word as a term of endearment.

And, just in case you are wondering what exactly Williams (who, btw, is not at all Jewish — at all) meant by “Judenrats”, he later clarified his apparently muddy contention with TPM:

Judenrat is essentially the same as Sonderkommando. It is a degrogatory term for the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis. Judenrats were Jews who turned in people like Anne Frank and the Sonderkommando were Jews in the Camps who led other Jews into the “showers”.

Bloomberg and Stringer are exactly that, selling out not just Jews but all Civilized Mankind to the 21 Century Nazi ideology of Radical Islam as represented by Ground Zero Mosque.

Read a book.

Of course, those of us who have, in fact, read books (or at least watched Schindler’s List) know that ‘Judenrat’ were, as per Wikipedia, “administrative bodies during the Second World War that the Germans required Jews to form in the German occupied territory of Poland, and later in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union,” not dirty rat-fink Uncle Herschels playing footsie with the Islamo-SS, as Williams seems to have erroneously gleaned from the extensive WWII historical archive that apparently resides betwixt his hairy buttcheeks (in the original German, no less).

Moats. Planks. Judenrats. Clueless, Godwin-baiting teabagger bigotry.

Hey, just don’t call it racism — again, that’s a term of derision solely reserved for *ahem* THOSE people.

Update: via Thers, some background on anti-racism expert Joey “Boots” Bassolino:

Joey Boots is a super fan and frequent caller to the Howard Stern Show. Joey`s first appearance on the show was during the Porno-ween contest where he won a chance to have sex with porn star Leanna Heart. Another great appearance was when he let Hi-Pitch Eric rub Icy-Hot on his balls in order to win a free trip to Hong Kong. But none of this compares to Joey`s most memorable appearance on the show. It happened after his on air revelation that he was gay. The announcement led to so much speculation about the truth of his claim that Joey tried to prove that he was gay by tongue kissing a male gay porn star. This antic caused a huge outburst as they endlessly made out and grabbed each others privates. Joey is also a disabled vet who has been through multiple stints in rehab as he tries to fight off his scars of war.

So. What’s the over-under on when (not if) “Boots” gets a Breitbart column?

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