Too Little, Too Late

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Maybe it’s the establishment that’s so busy lecturing the masses on the Constitution and Islam that should be sent back to class instead. Lesson one: the hysteria over the “Ground Zero mosque” did not happen in a vacuum. Lesson two: when you permit and foment the indiscriminate dehumanization of Muslims in the name of 9/11, it is not one bit surprising that the public would view lower Manhattan as the frontline of a global religious war. Lesson three: the reason you don’t have any power now–when you’ve decided that enough is enough–is that for so many years, you cheered the bullies on. It is not enough to demonstrate occasional courage. In order to regain your authority and honor, you have to show up to more than just one fight.

IOW, just because, say, Peter Beinart is now, as Glennzilla put it, “expediting his ongoing transformation from TNR Seriousness Guardian into shrill liberal blogger,” that doesn’t magically erase the many, many years he spent playing the role of usefully-idiotic liberal hawk foil.

So, with all due respect to the Serious™ handwringers at the Washington Post, cry me a goddamn oil-satured river in Michigan. You only have yourselves to blame for handing the likes of Pam Geller a big-ass goddamn fucking megaphone — and for your subsequent inability to yank it back out of her well-manicured paws.

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