Bubba Is Right You Know

Yesterday I engaged in brief conversation on Twitter with my old partner in crime from CFLF Kyle and Oliver Willis about the dangers of the left sitting out the upcoming mid-term elections. In this conversation I am taking the glass-nearly-empty position that a loss in November will end any hope President Obama has of getting another thing done in his first term. This will very well lead to it being his only term which of course is the hope of the GOP. If that is the case we are looking at a Republican President in 2012. Emboldened by the “mandate” they will have received between their retaking of the congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012 the old hawks will swoop back in and launch a preventive war with Iran. Now we can’t change Presidents in the middle of a war can we? Of course not, so this fictitious Republican Prez get’s another win in 2016. Only then do we get to queue the eventual re-energization of the left whose cowardly politicos finally find the courage behind the anti-war movement and the complete bankruptcy of the country.

Now, while OW seems to be leaning toward the disaffected he does not see a loss in November as necessarily a bad thing. Kyle, ever the optimist, seems to agree.

Fast forward 24 hours and one would think that President Clinton had nothing better to do last night than to read our tweets. Apparently he chose to spend a good portion of his CGI time making my case for me.

But first the 42nd president spent about half an hour discussing a topic that seemed very much at the forefront of his mind: the midterm elections. Clinton railed against public ignorance, saying he did not think voters on either the left or right understood the Obama administration’s record on issues such as health-care reform, financial regulation, and curbing student-loan abuses.

Disgruntled Obama supporters planning to sit out the midterms are making “a horrible mistake,” he said. “Like everything else you do when you’re mad, there’s an 80 percent chance you’re making a mistake. You’ll get the exact result you don’t want.”

Clinton accused the media of not fact-checking the anti-government health-care and economic policies of the Republican Party and its Tea Party supporters, and painted a bleak picture of what life in Washington would look like under a GOP Congress. “There will be two years of unrelenting investigation of the White House, the staff, the Cabinet,” he warned. “It’ll be Newt Gingrich all over again. If only the American people knew this—not from me—but from disinterested parties.”

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