Congratulations To Vancouver Is Awesome

As you may or may not be aware, in my absence from CFLF I moved to Vancouver, B.C., Canada. While here in the run up to the 2010 Olympic Games I came across this blog called Vancouver Is Awesome that could only be described as exceptional. While nearly all the other blogs I came across dedicated to Vancouver were bad mouthing the games, complaining about the cost and generally bitching (not unlike blogs in the political space by the way) this site was writing positive, upbeat, entertaining and informative posts about the Olympics and events surrounding the games. As a matter of fact this was not by accident but by design.

Their About V.I.A. snipped reads:

Vancouver Is Awesome, and we are dedicated to everything that makes it that way.

If you want to read ugly, bad news about this beautiful city of ours, you’re going to have to look to traditional media and other blogs; V.I.A. promotes everything that makes our city awesome, from old to new and everything inbetween. We’re like the human interest piece on the news… only different.

I couldn’t help but visit the site regularly and took a few opportunities to let the founder and editor Bob Kronbauer know how much I liked what he was doing. I am not sure why, maybe I dropped hint or two, but Bob offered me a gig writing for him and I have not looked back since. I continue to be the UNPLUGGED Editor for V.I.A. and am proud to say that today the site was bestowed with the honor of being the #1 Best Local Blog as voted on by the readers of The Georgia Straight! This is all due to the hard work and vision of Bob and his excellent team of Editors and Contributors – present company excluded.

Great work and congratulations team!

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