Daily Dose of WTF? Grouspawn FAQ

If you want proof to counter the fear mongering Republican-Tea Party coalition’s claims that American business ingenuity has been destroyed by the Obama administration you need look no further than this excellent offering by Groupon. As Nick Saint with the Sillicon Alley Insider so aptly put it

Groupon and its CEO, Andrew Mason, are well known for doing and saying things that are a little eccentric to amuse its users and attract attention.Users who unsubscribe from the service get to see a video of Andrew physically abusing the employee responsible for letting you down. In June, the company started sending bizarre, unexplained gifts — including a grand piano — to one user per day. Andrew once let on that he had 20 cats so he could correct the false rumor in an interview on CNBC.

But the latest offer from Groupon is a new high on the weirdness scale: Groupon is offering a $60,000 college grant to any child born from parents that met on a Groupon date. Or so Andrew said on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt. The published details are a little vaguer.

If you’re wondering whether this is all a joke, the new site’s FAQ probably won’t reassure you. But it will entertain you, because it is absolutely hilarious.

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