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Bill Maher is one of my favorite political comedic commentators.  When I was 10, I would sneak out of bed at 12:05 and go watch his show Politically Incorrect praying that my parents would not wake up and catch me (I was not allowed to watch TV or stay up that late back then).  Now, there are things that I don’t agree with him on, but he provides a very unique and tempered view that while very left wing, is definitely outside of party partisanship.

Anyways, during the 90’s he had Christine O’Donnell on his show multiple times where she said some amazingly crazy things, and he now going to release these tapes one by one until she comes on his show.  Now, aside from the fact that he is withholding valuable information on a Senate candidate, I am dissapointed that the he chose to release (shown below) is one where O’Donnell discusses her history practicing witchcraft.


To me, this strikes the same key as accusing Obama of being a Muslim.  Unlike Obama who never actually practiced Islam, Christine O’Donnell had actually dabbled in witchcraft.  However, this seems to miss the greater overall problem with both stories, is that they imply that parts of America  sees these religious practices as bad.  Now, the Obama is a Muslim myth originated out of some dark corner of the blogosphere and was promoted by a bunch of bigots and hatemongers until it festered into a semi mainstream view.  The implication of course is that Islam is bad and they are exposing this bad part of Obama.  By choosing this witchcraft video, Bill seemed to be saying that Wicca is bad, a view I may expect from those on the far christian right, but not one I thought I would ever here from Bill Maher, who hates all religions equally.

So shame on you Bill.  You made me waste valuable space on the interwebs that could have otherwise been used to talk about how the GOP intends to filibuster the defense authorization bill because it is getting rid of DADT tomorrow.

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