Mission Accomplished, Redux (One Million Body Bags Edition)

Do you know when this godforsaken mission will finally constitute a non-Orwellian ‘success’, when yours truly will be able to “turn the page“, Mr. President (and Mr. Baker)?

When Andy comes home*.

And when the one million-plus Iraqi victims of W’s absurdly lethal Middle East adventure are able to fully reap the benefits of freedom’s march. Go on, try to spin that stale bullshit sandwich into saffron with a smile. I double dog dare ya.

Oh, and with all due (dis)respect to Sheryl Gay Stolberg and the rest of the Village idiots, what Liliana Segura said:

If you think the most important part of Obama’s Iraq speech is what he did or didn’t say to Bush, you are seriously missing the point.


*I know: no politicizing, Andy — in my defense, this is less a political and more an emotional statement. Hopefully your forgiveness and understanding will extend from beyond the grave.

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