Rasmussen misses the mark

Rasmussen released a poll saying that 52% of Americans say their views are more in line with former governor Palin’s than President Obama’s. There are two ways of looking at this.  The first is reading it at face value, and that Americans actually agree with Palin.  However, I believe that this would be a misinterpretation of the poll.  The reason for this is that 68% of the “political class” (determined by how much someone knows about politics according to Rasmussen) say that they agree more with the President than Palin.  Now, remember that political class is non partisan, which means that even GOP backers would fall into that.  Now, what I think this poll really means is no more significant than a presidential approval rating.  I bet that if they asked “Do you approve of the president’s job in the white house” they would have gotten close to the same results.  On the other hand, if Rasmussen had conducted issue polling (such as abortion or tax cuts for the rich) without mentioning the president or Palin, I have a feeling the numbers would have been far more favorable for the president.

By the way, after  a long disappearance I am back.  The past 6 weeks have involved me killing myself over my thesis.  Now, as Michael has mentioned already, he will be resuming his role as editor.  I am thrilled about this.  I found out quickly when I took over that there is a lot more to running a large blog than writing and I really would much rather write than network with other blogs (I am somewhat of a curmudgeon), manage writers, deal with code, and figure out how to drive traffic.  None of this is easy, and learning it quickly is near impossible, especially if you can only dedicate an hour or so a day to it.  I would like to give a specific thanks to Matttbastard.  To be honest, I don’t think we agree on almost anything, however he was willing to keep writing on CFLF even when I was having trouble generating content, and he was willing to stand by me even when others weren’t.  So with all that said,  welcome back Michael.

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