Time To Come To Your Senses

As I said in the comment debate I had earlier with Kyle over this post, agreeing with Peter Daou about the President’s failings does not equal sitting on my hands come November. Apparently Digby feels the same.

My feeling aren’t hurt by Obama finger wagging about the base being ungrateful. I just think it’s a rather silly, unproductive way to deal with a demoralized base and I doubt that it will fly as a strategy for laying blame after the election. I am from the Stephen Colbert “Keep Fear Alive” school which says that this crop of looney tunes Republicans are the most radical throwbacks we’ve ever seen and that it’s important to keep them away from the reins of power. That’s as good a reason for voting as I can imagine, so I’m not sure what more it takes. I’m sorry that we can’t all be ecstatically singing along to a Will.I.Am video this time, but these just aren’t inspirational good times. Right now it’s about stopping something very ugly and bad rather than feeling all gooey and good. And that’s an important part of politics too. It isn’t all Oprah and hugging strangers in crowds.

So, for the record: please vote. No matter how disappointed you are or how rotten you feel about your present circumstances, empowering these crazies is a huge, huge mistake. The Democrats, sadly, will not learn the right lessons if a bunch of neanderthals take over and history shows that in times of great stress and transition, very bad things can happen when you let these people take the reins.

Also: what Atrios said although the substance ship has probably sailed for November.

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