ABA Spends over $17 million to Kill Pop Tax

Yep, over $17 million to cut taxes on pop.

There’s some things you need to know about Washington to understand this initiative.

1) Washington State uses sales tax as a primary means of collecting money into their coffers, rather than income tax.

2) Food was and is excluded from sales tax, for obvious reasons.

3) When less money was coming into the state coffers (due to the recession and the fact that people are spending less money), the state government implemented a tax upon candy and soda pop. Once excluded from sales tax, the government decided that these were luxuries as these consumables generally add nothing to one’s nutrition.

When the American Beverage Association heard that Washington state was now taxing soda pop, they leaped into action. It is reported that they had spent an estimated $1 million gathering petition signatures for the July 2, 2010 statewide deadline to help put this initiative on the ballot.

Since that time they have donated an astounding $16,727,750 to fight these taxes.

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