Daily Dose of WTF? Gawker O’Donnell Piece Turns My Stomach

I hope I don’t lose my Karl Marx merit badge over this but today’s awkward kiss and tell piece by “Anonymous” over at Gawker makes me sick. What kind of idiot feels the need to write a piece trashing a girl, any girl, for hooking up with him. I mean seriously, a gentleman does not do this kind of thing.

In the end this ridiculous piece has actually made me sympathize with O’Donnell. That’s right, there is not a single thing this woman has ever uttered that I can actually agree with her on, let alone seems moderately sane, but Mr. Anonymous has managed to get me rooting for her. Well, not to win the election of course, but I am certainly hoping she has some embarrassing pictures of his little dink or something else equally embarrassing to share with Drudge in the coming days. This idiot deserves to be ridiculed publicly.

You know what? I wanted so badly to quote some of this outrageous crap to make my case but just I can’t bring myself to do it. Rather, I have decided not to link to this piece at all.

Lastly, please allow me to take this opportunity to make one last point. The incessant harping on O’Donnell by both the media as well as my compatriots in the Left-o-sphere is nothing short of lazy. It’s like a bully surveying an entire playground full of 98 pound weaklings and yet still choosing to beat up an autistic kid. You have plenty of “people your own size” to make examples of, why pile on this one? She has done plenty to marginalize her candidacy all by herself. No more is needed. All you have done is create one massive diversion that has the entire country focusing unnecessarily on Delaware while the Republicans are kicking our ass everywhere else.

On can only hope that this act of stupidity does not give O’Donnell the bump she needs to make this a race one week out from the election.

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