Democracy in Lotus Land

Imagine a State Government like Pennsylvania publicly asking for feedback on shaping a proposal like Cap and Trade rather than what they did with House Bill 220 (signed into law in 2008 by Governor Rendell as Act 129).

Well the “Socialist” Canadian Province I have called home for three years, British Columbia, is doing just that.

The B.C. government is seeking public feedback on the regulatory framework for a planned cap-and-trade system intended to help cut greenhouse-gas emissions by allowing major polluters in the province to obtain and exchange credits.

Under consideration are proposed regulations that cover how emissions will be measured and how emissions can be traded.

The public consultation phase starts today (October 22) and runs until December 6, according to a news release from the Ministry of Environment.

The province’s cap-and-trade system is being developed in line with the work of a coalition of Canadian provinces and U.S. states that are part of the Western Climate Initiative strategy to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

By the way, while this is very positive I am really surprised that B.C. is two years behind PA.

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