Halloween WTF? Zombie Wingnut Polygamist of Color Needs Brains

"Blue Eyed Zombie" The Toronto Zombie Walk "Special Director's Cut Edition" at the Toronto International Film Festival, 2009. Photo by Josh Jensen

Last night while winding down and reading up on what transpired throughout the day I noticed a tweet between @SamSeder and what I assumed was a reasonable conservative about whether ABC actually understood who they were getting when they signed on to have Andrew Breitbart participate in their upcoming election night coverage. I decided to drop Sam a reply but what transpired afterward I could not have imagined.

Below the fold is the entire discussion as it played out. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Sam Seder: .@debbie80107 old news to you, but even you, a conservative, are aware of how Breitbart has peddled lies and fraud, does @ABC know?

Michael Tedesco: @SamSeder @debbie80107 @ABC Oh, they know. If they didn’t they would not have posted this bit distancing themselves http://bit.ly/9uJo9T

Sam Seder: .@MTedesco not sure- @abc seem to think the issue is Breitbart’s politics- as if fabricator & publisher of lies was a political persuasion

Michael Tedesco: @SamSeder @abc I think the media in general is used to rewarding bad behavior when it comes to politics. Think Liddy, Rove, Morris, etc.

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco Sam i don’t care who is on ABC doing what or when. I care about ppl labeling others as racists at the drop of a hat. You disagree with the dems you’re a racist

Debbie LeBaron: you think ppl need to follow the law and enter this country legally you’re a racist. Where and when does the race baiting crap end. BTW I am a person of color and I am fed up

Michael Tedesco: @debbie80107 I don’t know what you are talking about. I am a Democrat. I’ve never claimed anyone who disagree’s with me is a racist.

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco that’s what liberals do everyone who disagrees is racist you don’t do that but you allow others to do it with your silence that’s just as bad

Michael Tedesco: @debbie80107 pfft! I let others do what? If I am guilty of anything it’s engaging with someone who makes ridiculous generalizations like you

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco Thats what you come up with? Seriously? Needs some work

Michael Tedesco: @debbie80107 haha cya

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco hope not but you can dream

Michael Tedesco: @debbie80107 What are you, 12?

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco what are you 5? Take your toys and go home

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco it’s almost the 1st of the month shouldn’t you be getting ready to cash that welfare/unemployment check?

Michael Tedesco: @debbie80107 I think Jebedia is looking for another sister-wife, this might be your chance.

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco don’t knock it till you try. I come from a long line of polygamy so your insult was really lame

Debbie LeBaron: @MTedesco if all you can come up with is a lame insult about polygamy go back to the drawing board or have your mommy help you get some good material

For some reason I believe her about being a polygamist but not about being a person of color. Not sure why…

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