If I Had Only Known It Was This Easy

One of the underlying challenges of running a website is the issue of generating traffic. I recall not so fondly the days shortly after our founding in 2003/2004 where every click to CFLF was the direct result real-world networking. Emailing links to other bloggers, leaving comments at their sites, attending local political and blogging events and handing out business cards. As Dubya so famously said, “it’s hard work.”

Those days are gone now. We average a respectable number of visitors daily – enough that we can participate in ad hives – and I am confident that any given post will have an opportunity to get some visibility. But had I only known back then that all that was necessary to bring out the right wing kooks and generate serious traffic was to make a comment vaguely challenging the size of the right wing’s proverbial manhood I would have called this site Right Wing Kleinen Schwanz rather than Comments from Left Field.

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