Impeachment? Here We Go Again

When your entire electoral philosophy is predicated on convincing your base that it is imperative to elect people who believe that their opponents are somehow treasonous Socialist-Marxist-Communist-Fascists (or whatever the latest “ist” is) then it is no wonder impeachment is your only tactic

That’s the subject of a disagreement between Jonathan Chait, who says they will if they retake the House of Representatives, and Jonah Goldberg, who disagrees so strongly that he wants to bet $500 on the matter. Chait wants different stakes:

“If Obama wins a second term, and a GOP-controlled House has not impeached him by 2017, I will let Goldberg write an item on my blog explaining why I was wrong. I’d hope he’ll let me do the same on his blog if I’m right. Oh, I also predict that said impeachment will be endorsed by Goldberg.”

Hold your gold. It’s on now.

I am with Chait, impeachment is an inevitability.

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