Is Gen. Hugh Shelton Delirious?

This comment by Gen. Shelton is asinine. In essence he is claiming the reason the U.S. military is dominant is because we do not allow gays to serve openly.

“I think it’s time to let’s see what the men and women that are at the basic combat unit particularly the men in the Marines and Army have to say when the survey comes in on the first of December,” he said.

“If the men and women in uniform at the fighting level, particularly the Marines and Army say, ‘no it doesn’t make any difference to us,’ and therefore it won’t break the readiness of our great armed forces,” Shelton continued.

“Why do you think it would?” interrupted Amanpour. “I mean some of the great allies of the United States have. Whether it’s Canada, whether it’s Britain, France, Australia, even Israel allows openly gay men and women to serve in the military. And they have great armies, great militaries.”

“They have great militaries, great armies,” Shelton answered. “But if you check the historical records, Christiane, as you know, we’ve never lost to any of them. We are the top of the pile. We are the best in the world. And we want to stay that way.”

Yea right Hugh. It’s not because we spend more money on defense every year than the entire rest of the planet combined.

I have yet to hear an argument in favor of D.A.D.T. that is defensible. What do these people think, that if gays and lesbians were to serve openly it would lead to regularly scheduled Pride Parades in the barracks?

As my wife said, the only plausible argument might be if those in favor of D.A.D.T. claimed hey didn’t want gays to serve openly to protect them from being killed by the amped up, testosterone filled, 18-21 year old homophobes that might go after them. Of course in order to make this argument they would have give a damn about the well being of these people and based on the military’s treatment of homosexuals going back to blue discharges their well being is not atop their priority list.

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