#OneNation Rally Draws Double Beck-fest Crowd

Thanks to Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars for pointing out the fact that the today’s One Nation Working Together Rally has initial estimates of 175,000-200,000 ACTUAL attendees. This estimate more than doubles the 87,000 attendees of Glenn Beck’s Restoring the Honor Rally or as Belle so aptly called “Whitestock.”

Enthusiasm gap, schmenthusiasm gap. Without the benefit of months and months of advertising and promotion on Fox News Channel (in fact, I’m only aware of Ed Schultz on MSNBC doing any kind of TV promotion), the One Nation Working Together rally in Washington DC has gathered more supporters than Glenn Beck’s much ballyhooed rally, which I will lovingly refer to as “Whitestock”.

Preliminary satellite estimates put the crowd size at 175,000 to 200,000 at about noon EST. By the calculations of Bachman/Beck, et al., that would mean at least 1,000,000, non?

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  1. tom says:

    well there is an invention called the internet (Al Gore Invented) which show the overhead shots of the rally ummmm 1/4 the size

  2. Matt says:

    LAWL, what world do you live in?? This astroturf rally was EPIC FAIL! if there were 10,000 people there I will eat my hat! Nice job libs…

  3. Dave Kennedy says:

    You could cherry pick shots from later in the day as people were leaving and make it appear that way – which I’m sure you will. The speakers for the most part were not professional speakers but ordinary citizens.. thus they weren’t exactly the greatest orators, about half the crowd had left by later in the day.

    Beck/Fox had a massive money bonanza with endless promotion. Also, the Beck rally folks would listen to him and Palin’s drivel for many hours on end.. hence the popularity of his show (I can’t bear more than a few minutes).

    All this aside – yes, the crowd was as big if not bigger than the Beck rally at around an hour in – the pictures from that time show that – they fill the entire mall.

  4. Dschoen says:

    Dave Kennedy
    “Beck/Fox had a massive money bonanza with endless promotion.”

    As opposed to MSNBC and 400 HUNDRED other organizations, please your making your self sound stupid.

    Remember, this rally was organized BEFORE the Beck rally.

    Fox, like MSNBC had no money in either event other than letting host mention it on air.

    Then your comparing promotion on the Beck show with Ed, Chris, Rachael, Olbermann so that a wash Beck’s audience with the total of Ed, Chris, Rachael, Olbermann.

    “All this aside – yes, the crowd was as big if not bigger than the Beck rally at around an hour in – the pictures from that time show that – they fill the entire mall.”

    Oh please, I’ve seen the pix. This rally had people back to the first set of trees, Beck had people all the way back past the Washington monument on both side’s of the pond and beyond the trees.

    Dude if the crowd was anywhere near the size of Beck’s crowed where are the pictures?
    If they had the pix they would be plastered all over the web. No pix, Estimates by nameless people, even the MSNBC reporter when asked tried not to laugh at the pathetic crowed size, had to explain that the crowd was moving from one side of the pound to the other. The reporter estimated at best a few thousand.

    To pump up the crowed at the end some moron took the stage and claimed Satellite picture showed that the crowed today was twice the size of the Beck crowed on 8/29.

    Beck’s rally was on 8/28

    Oh and they haven’t posted the Satellite picture.

  5. BWB says:

    With the announcement that the One Nation Rally crowd was twice the size of 8/29 that might be true, but what about the crowd at the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally?

    I recorded both the Restoring Honor and One Nation Rallys from CSPAN.

    CBS estimated the Restoring Honor Rally crowd at 87,000. Using that estimate, when comparing the crowds, the peak crowd at One Nation, between 12:31 p.m. and 1:36 p.m., would be around 40,000. The peak crowd size at both rallys was far in excess of those figures. The Restoring Honor Rally held the crowd much better than the One Nation Rally.

    Now let’s get real about crowd size!

    Comparing screen shots at various times, I would estimate the One Nation crowd during the Rally as:

    12:31 p.m., 150,000 to 175,000
    1:36 p.m., 150,000 to 175,000
    2:26 p.m., 40,000
    2:59 p.m., 35,000
    3:09 p.m., 8,000
    3:12 p.m., 5,000
    3:30 p.m., 3,000
    3:39 p.m., 2,500
    3:46 p.m., 2,000
    4:04 p.m., 450
    4:14 p.m., 300
    4:24 p.m., 150

  6. Chris says:

    It’s funny, I have yet to hear from anyone who was actually at this pity party. The only estimates I can find after much searching were from people who saw it on the internet or on TV.

  7. Eric says:

    HAHAHAA. Nice try. If you actually believe that there were only 87,000 people at 8/28 you’re an absolute fool. Based on aerial photo analysis of 8/28, there were at worst 215,000 (10 square feet per person) and at best 860,000 (2.5 square feet per person). I think a solid estimate was somewhere in the middle or ~500,000. The photos don’t lie bro.

    That said, the 8/28 attendance ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED the One Nation attendance. An added bonus was that 8/28 was entirely free of communists, socialists, black racists, labor losers, welfare queens, government leeches and the generally mentally ill.

    The real numbers game will come on November 2 when the Marxist agenda will be thoroughly but to bed and the adults can get on with cleaning up the mess the left has wrought for the past 100 years. Toodles.

  8. datechguy says:

    This rally had one purpose, it took place in the hopes that the media would report that democrats were “energized”. Unfortunately the MSM isn’t playing ball because the photos of the actual crowd are all over facebook and in e-mail boxes everywhere.

    The media and the left no longer have the ability to play gatekeeper, that’s why yesterday’s “timeshare” rally is a failure.

    And in 30 days we will demonstrate this at the ballot box.

  9. William Teach says:

    LOL! I love the optimism, and delusion, of the professional left. “Satellite estimates?” From whom? Which satellite? Do you know how much it costs to task a satellite? Let’s see those so-called satellite images.

    Interesting how the professional left takes the word of the professional agitator organizers of the march word, yet, wants to take the word of CBS, which failed to provide a similar overhead shot for yesterdays rally. I wonder why they didn’t order one up? Or, if they did, why fail to publish?

    The rally was simply the same old grievance mongering the left is known for, whining and complaining, gimme gimme gimme.

    And, yeah, I was there on 8/28, it crushed the attendance of One Nation by far. Not too mention that it was simply people who came on their own accord, rather than being bused in by the unions.

  10. BWB says:

    I’ve now had an opportunity to enlarge the screen shots mentioned in my earlier post. I believe some of my estimates are much too high. The screen shots between 12:31 p.m. and 1:36 p.m., the peak crowd period, now appear to be in the 85,000 to 95,000 range.

  11. StanleyBing says:

    Lie to yourself (liberals are used to that) but don’t think you can get away with lying to us.

  12. I love the reaction. It is like I challenged the size of your manhood.

  13. Real truth says:

    Here are the actual CBS photos of Beck’s John Birch/NAMBLA/KKK rally. 87,000 (+ or – 9,000 due to all the Medicare provided scooter chairs present). There is no way that crowd of geriatric racists would even fill up University of Michigan stadium (seating ~109,000).

    Notice that the area to the north of the reflecting pool in very sparsely populated, because the bus drop for the “mobility impaired” crowd was on the south side of the pool, ergo that’s where they plopped their fat white racist butts.

    Why must the Teabaggers lie all the time? Is it something in their DNA?

    Or are they just so stupid that they can’t/won’t count and believe anything some wingnut tells them?

  14. Ben says:

    “I love the reaction. It is like I challenged the size of your manhood.”

    No, Michael, it’s called LYING.

  15. Real truth says:

    …And LYING is what the Teabaggers and the Beck-Nazis are good at. It”s the ONLY thing that they have learned.

    At least the KKK had the sense to keep their ignorant racist BS low key. Beck and that stupid woman from Alaska brought it to the surface and here we are.

    Good job of exposing your true nature, you Teabaggers (on Medicare and Social Security).

  16. democratsarefascists says:

    How easily you push lies.

    Turnout was pathetic.

  17. Dane says:

    Can’t you even tell the truth about the size of the rallies. Yesterday’s rally was pitiful compared to Beck’s Restoring Honor rally. Beck’s rally were fully of people in both fields and under the trees. Plus the hillside from the War World II Monument to the Washington Monument was 2/3 full. Yesterday’s Union and Leftist causes organized rally barely filled the sides along the reflecting pool.

    Was there something wrong with a NON-POLITICAL rally that celebrated our troops, our history and bringing God back to a place of prominence in our nation? IF anyone says it was more then that, they are LYING. Kind of like some people who can’t tell the truth on rally size.

  18. PauliD says:

    Or course the crowds were less dense than at the Beck rally- Liberals are not as stupid as republicans….

  19. David Sowards says:

    Notice from which side the “name calling” comes.
    Vote accordingly

  20. Bobby Shiflett says:

    So did the “Restoring Honor” rally actually restore any honor? Do they feel “better,” now?

    Yesterday, as I watched a clip of Glenn Beck jubilantly discussed how that it was right, proper and good that the poor man in Tennessee lost his home to a fire while the firefighters refused to put it out over $75.00 fee …I noticed the sign behind him in the studio that said, “Charity.” That so many people in this country like to watch/listen to this self-contradicting, self-loathing piece of human trash is heart-wrenching.

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