#OneNation Rally Draws Double Beck-fest Crowd

Thanks to Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars for pointing out the fact that the today’s One Nation Working Together Rally has initial estimates of 175,000-200,000 ACTUAL attendees. This estimate more than doubles the 87,000 attendees of Glenn Beck’s Restoring the Honor Rally or as Belle so aptly called “Whitestock.”

Enthusiasm gap, schmenthusiasm gap. Without the benefit of months and months of advertising and promotion on Fox News Channel (in fact, I’m only aware of Ed Schultz on MSNBC doing any kind of TV promotion), the One Nation Working Together rally in Washington DC has gathered more supporters than Glenn Beck’s much ballyhooed rally, which I will lovingly refer to as “Whitestock”.

Preliminary satellite estimates put the crowd size at 175,000 to 200,000 at about noon EST. By the calculations of Bachman/Beck, et al., that would mean at least 1,000,000, non?

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